Manuel Gomez

Northern California JO Commissioner

Phone: (831) 869-8521

Nor Cal Tryout Information

Due to the unfortunate cancelation of our two evaluation events, USA Softball of Northern California announces the revised method of selection for this prestigious event.

Since it would be unfair to our NorCal Athletes to schedule a Selection Camp with their tournament schedules already set, we will have an open application process using resumes sent in by those wishing to be considered for selection. The application process begins with this press release and will close at 9pm, Friday April 22nd.

Resumes shall be sent to NorCal JO Commissioner Manuel Gomez at Resumes will be reviewed and ranked and notice of selection will occur in early May.

Resumes must include the following; Name Travel Ball Team Head coaches Name, email, phone number Athletes DOB Athletes parent/Guardian Name, email, phone number Athletes Primary/secondary position

The application may include a video not longer than 2 minutes, but is not required. Please see our website for more information regarding the All American Games at