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Region 10: Pacific Coast

Region 10

Arizona, Northern California, Southern California, Central California, Greater San Joaquin, Sacramento, San Francisco, Hawaii, Nevada

Mia Rodrigues

Region 10 Representative


Please contact your JO Commissioner for specific questions regarding tryouts within your local association!

Team Information

Number of Teams:          3

Number of Athletes:     45

Number of Coaches:     6

Try-Out Information

The Pacific Coast Region (Region 10) has the opportunity to field a total of three teams (45 athletes and 6 coaches) for participation in the USA Softball All-American Games.

In an effort to streamline the try-out process, the 45 athlete spots and 6 coach spots have been divided among the Associations within our Region based on registration numbers for 2022.

Each association will select their participants and all athletes will be put in a pool to create the 3 teams to represent our Region at the USA Softball All-American games.

Association        # of Player Selections       # of Coach Selections

Southern California                         15                                                          2

Northern California                           9                                                           1

Central California                               6                                                           1

Sacramento                                            6                                                           2

Nevada                                                      4                                                            0

Hawaii                                                       3                                                             0

Arizona                                                     2                                                             0

Each Association is able to set their own guidelines for selection to the USA Softball All-American Team. However, all participants must meet the following guidelines:

Must be on an USA Softball Registered Team for the 2022 season.

Try outs are by Association:  Please go to the individual associations for tryout details.

Thank you for your interest in the All American Games!